CGI Programs

Below are links to programs useful for HET proposers.

  1. Target Generator: This program will create a template Phase II target.

  2. Program Search: This program will take as input an HET program number. The program will then display the following
    • a list of object observed at the HET,
    • a list of objects that are (or were) in the HET queue, and
    • an unofficial time accounting for the program.

  3. See when the HET can observe your target.

  4. Determine the longest possible track time for your target.

  5. HET HRS Configurations Check: This program will tell you if a particular HRS setup is valid.

  6. HET and DIMM Image Quality Data

  7. S/N Estimator: This program will estimate the S/N of an output spectrum based on certain input parameters. To run this program, choose the instrument you are interested in.
    • LRS
    • HRS

  8. Phase II Program Information

  9. Try our HRS Throughput Calculator

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