How To Access Your HET Data

Current Science Operations Data Access

To access your data you will need to acquire a login to the TACC and once that login is confirmed you will need to contact the HET Science Operation Supervisor (shetrone(at) and let him know which Program you are a Co-I in and what your TACC login is. Once your TACC login is linked to the HET project at the TACC you will have to wait for the TACC human approval to take place, this usually takes less than 48 hours.

To collect your data you will need to login to using this login then cd to where the data is located: /work/03946/hetdex/maverick/YYYYMMDD where YYYYMMDD is the directory where the data is stored in UT date. Note that the night report is in civil date for the start of the night and the data is stored by UT date.

The directory structure in each nightly working directory is the instrument name, then the shot number for that set, then the exposure number within the shot, then the ancillary file data you want (usually the instrument name again). The reason for having the ancillary file data name is that we hope to eventually have images saved for the acquisition camera and guiders if the PI wants to make use of them.

Example: 20160810/lrs2/lrs20000001/exp01/lrs2 for lrs2 data

Example: 20160810/acm for acquisition images

Future Science Operations Data Access

During full (future) science operations a PI or co-I can access their data through HETwise which is current still under construction.

How to Access old (pre-2014) HET Data

Upon acceptance of your project by the HET staff, you will be given an ftp account for retrieving your data from the data server in Austin.

For illustration we will give an example of retrieving data for the project UT02-2-004. This project has been provided with the login name of schwartz and the password of Sponge. The PI has been notified by the HET staff that she has data from the night of October 31, 2002 UT (20021031). The commands used to retrieve the data using the standard Unix command line sftp program are listed to the right in the table below:

sftp to sftp
use the provided password Sponge
cd to the directory that is named the same as your project cd /het_data/het_users/UT02-1-004
cd to the data directory named for the UT observing date cd 20021031
set sftp to binary mode binary
get all the data mget *
cd to the calibrations directory cd /het_data/het_users/calibrations
cd to the data directory named for the UT observing date cd 20021031
get the README file describing the available calibration files mget README.*
get all the files needed to calibrate your data mget *
exit ftp bye

When you are notified that new data are available, the e-mail message should give a description of the contents of the files taken for your project. If there are any questions about the data, calibrations, or anything to do with the observations, please send an e-mail to the Resident Astronomers. If there are any problems with the ftp system (including lost or forgotten passwords or account names), please contact Jim Fowler.

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