Mt. Locke Proposal Submission ~ Help

Mt. Locke Proposal Submission Instructions

McDonald Proposals Online Submission consists of 4 web forms, a public outreach page, and a review/submit page. A single or multiple file attachment must be prepared separately and uploaded on page 4 of the forms as a pdf.

Page 1 - Proposal Information

  • Proposal Title
  • PI/Institution
  • PI Email
  • Co-I(s)
  • Abstract
  • Nights Requested
  • Telescope/Mode
  • Instrument Requested
  • Detector
  • Time Critical
  • Target of Opportunity
  • Lunar Constraints
  • CCD Binning
  • Gratings
  • Filters
  • Specification of Date Ranges
  • Other Constraints (Dates you cannot observe)
  • Request for Long-Term Status (UT personnel only)

Page 2 - Observer Information

  • Name of Actual Observer
  • Email of Observer
  • Last Use (Date observer last used requested telescope)
  • Last Instrument Use (Date observer last used requested instrument)
  • Has observer been trained on the requested telescope and instrument?
  • If no, how will observer be trained?
    • Name of experienced UT observer with this telescope/instrument who will accompany the actual observer for at least two nights
    • Name of graduate student experienced with this telescope/instrument hired to accompany the actual observer
    • Agreement to attend at least 2 nights of an observing run with this telescope/instrument prior to the requested run
  • New user's observing experience
  • New user's observing reference

Page 3 - Graduate Students Only

  • Are these data being used by a graduate student for dissertation work?
  • Grad Student Name
  • Subject of Dissertation
  • Grad Student Advisor
  • Grad Student Year
  • Estimated Completion Date
  • Is this research part of the degree requirement?
  • Estimate how much more telescope time will be needed to complete research

Page 4 - Uploads (PDF)
Requests for observing time must include the following, uploaded as a single or multiple file .pdf attachment. Prepare in any text editor. Minimum 11pt. type, 1" margins. For LaTeX users: A template for preparing text in the proper format can be found here. Uploaded attachments may be black and white or color.

  • Scientific Justification Up to 1 page text, and 1 page figures/references
  • Description of Observations & Justification of Exposure Times Should include an object table with RA/Dec and Mag for each object -or- a representative list or description of sample
  • Description and Justification of Special Constraints
  • Results from Previous Observing Time at McDonald Up to 1 page
  • Request for Long-Term Status UT observers only. Up to 1 page. Please indicate why your proposal needs long-term status, what milestones you expect to achieve by the end of the 1 year period and details of the numbers of nights you need in the current and following two trimesters.

Review and Submit
In addition to a web page review, "Preview Proposal" will create a pdf of your proposal, as it will be submitted to the TAC. Once submitted, you may continue to edit the proposal. The TAC will receive the version in the system at the close of the submission period.

IGRINS Mini-queue

Take advantage of the IGRINS mini-queue if your observations meet one of three criteria: a short amount of time to finish a previous trimester's project; a trial observation to determine a project's feasibility; or a complete program that needs only 1-2 hours total.

Please follow these alternate

Mini-queue submission instructions

and email materials as a pdf, without a cover page, directly to the TAC chair.

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