Object, Setup & Exposure Table Examples

Following are examples of tables required for the Texas share Phase I, section 5, Description of Observations & Justification of Exposure Times.

For the most up to date calibration and throughput information see:

Please use the acceptable instrument setups in the Setup Table, as they will also be used by you in providing your Phase II documentation.

Fill out the Object Table. For large surveys, only enter enough objects to show the range of observation parameters. The "Acquisition ID Method" should be a short phrase such as:

Finder Chart
Accurate Coordinates
Distinctive Object
Blind Offset from bright star
Replace the sample entries with your own. Add lines to the table as needed.
object table
setup table
The UT HET TAC has now implemented a procedure to charge each program for the average setup time for all observations (about 15 minutes).
exposure table
Note 1: LRS Spectroscopic Observation.
Note 2: LRS imaging observation with visits being separated by at least one week.
Note 3: HRS observation, each observation should have its own line in the table, but for large surveys a summary line like this is fine, providing the individual exposure times are used in calculating the total.

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