Phase I Proposal

Normal Observing periods are:

  • YYYY-1 (Dec-Mar of year YYYY)
  • YYYY-2 (Apr--July of year YYYY)
  • YYYY-3 (Aug-Nov of year YYYY)
The HET Board of Directors have announced that for Science Operations beginning June 1st, 2017 will include the LRS2 instrument and the amount of time available is approximately three weeks centered around new moon.

Please contact your local HET or TAC representative to find out how your institution is going to run Phase I proposals and TAC allocations. For any other questions please contact the HET resident astronomers at astronomer(at)

For the period of June - Sept 2016 we will start some amount of VIRUS commissioning. Science targets for these instruments will be chosen by those science teams. If you wish to be involved in this process please contact the instrument PI.

Phase I involves the interaction between your TAC and you the Principal Investigator. First you should read what each TAC requires. Then you should become familiar with the observing procedures and capabilities of the HET.

The following links will take you to the appropriate web page for your TAC

You can get information about the telescope, instruments and calibrations in various locations in this web site. It is important to plan for extra time for overhead or special calibrations. Below we list some of the more important links you may need.

  1. Information for new users
  2. Phase I Basics
  3. HET Overview
  4. Instruments
  5. Calibrations
  6. CCD Parameters
  7. Project Feasibility
  8. Some HETiosyncrasies of HET Data Acquisition

Observing around HETDEX fields

HETDEX will be taking a large number of hours in two different fields, shown below.
The last figure about shows how these fields get distributed to Local Sidereal Time. PIs interested in observing in dark time should determine if their targets conflict with HETDEX blocked LST. This should be noted in the proposal since 10% of the time within HETDEX blocked LST is open to the collaboration.

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Phase I

Phase I Information for New Users

Phase I Basics


Spectrophotometric Standard Stars

Radial Velocity Standard Stars

Telluric Standard Stars

Overscan Region

Ambient Light

CCD Parameters

Project Feasibility

Data Acquisition HETiosyncrasies