Current Instruments

  • LRS2 - The Low Resolution Spectrograph 2
  • VIRUS - Visible Integral-Field Replicable Unit Spectrograph
  • HPF - The Habitable-zone Planet Finder

    Commissioning or Future Instruments

  • HRS2 - The High Resolution Spectrograph 2
  • Old Instruments

  • The High Resolution Spectrograph - HRS
  • The Medium Resolution Spectrograph - MRS
  • The Low Resolution Spectrograph - LRS

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    The Telescope

    Technical Overview

    Object Observability


    Non-sidereal observations



    LRS2 Summary

    LRS2 Details

    LRS2 Fiber Layout and Position Angle

    LRS2 Throughput

    LRS2 Observing details


    VIRUS - Summary

    VIRUS - Setting up on targets

    VIRUS - Misc details

    VIRUS - Throughput and sensitivity

    VIRUS - low surface brightness sensitivity

    VIRUS - Dithers, IFUs, Tiling

    VIRUS - Tiling observations

    Habitable Zone Planet Finder (HPF)

    HPF Details

    HPF Setting up on targets

    HPF Throughput and Exposure Meter

    HPF Data Reductions

    HRS-2 (in development)

    HRS-2 Summary

    HRS-2 Details

    HRS-2 configurations

    HRS-2 exposure meter

    HRS-2 Position Angle and Fiber layout

    HRS-2 Throughput

    Old Instruments

    HRS - old

    LRS - old

    MRS - old

    Program Preparation

    Web Management System