Data Reduction

Raw and reduced data can be retrieved from the TACC using the normal HET procedures.

The following data products are available:

  • Raw up-the-ramp frames
  • Reduced 2D images
  • Extracted and wavelength calibrated 1D spectra
  • Ancillary calibration files that are useful for understanding the characteristics of your data.

    We have documented these products and the data pipeline procedures at the following website:

    Our ability to field individual support requests should you wish to re- reduce data yourself using your own pipeline is very limited. I suggest you consult with H2RG experts at your local institution first.

    However, if you identify a problem with the reduced products that we provide, please send me a detailed email identifying the date and observation number of the exposure in question. We are planning future improvements to the pipeline, and feedback from users will help us better identify its current shortcomings.

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