VIRUS (Visible Integral-field Replicable Unit Spectrograph) Instrument Summary

  • Low scattered light

  • Predicted 50% peak throughput on the sky

  • Growing on a weekly/monthly basis as new spectrographs are finished and can be integrated into the system (78 when complete).

  • VIRUS spectrographs cover 3500-5500A with R~700 (R=670 at 3900A, 850 at 4600A, and 990 at 5200A).

  • Fibers are 1.5" diameter, IFUs are 50"x50" on the sky, separated by 50" (a 3-point dither fills in most of the intra-IFU space; a 4-point tiling of these dithered observations fills in most of the inter-IFU space).

  • Total field of view is 16'x16'.

  • For target acquisition and auto-guiding notes, see the performance page

  • For further technical details about VIRUS, see:

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