Phase II: Experiment submission

If, after reviewing the online documentation, you have any questions about the HET Phase II please direct them to the HET resident astronomers: astronomer(at)het.as.utexas.edu.

The Phase II (experiment submission) is prepared after the PI has been allocated time by his or her local TAC Telescope Allocation Committee . Its purpose is to communicate all vital details of the experiment to the HET night operations staff, and to set up the mode for any further necessary PI Principle Investigator -staff interaction. Because the night operations staff will be receiving many detailed proposals at around the same time while also maintaining night operations, it is very important that the PI follow the instructions carefully and submit all requested material by the trimester deadline.

Note: We no longer allow Phase II submissions with the old style tab-delineated format.

Normal Phase II deadlines for delivery to the HET are:

  • YYYY-1 (Dec-Mar of year YYYY) - Nov 18, YYYX
  • YYYY-2 (Apr--July of year YYYY) - Mar 18, YYYY
  • YYYY-3 (Aug-Nov of year YYYY) - July 18, YYYY
You will need to submit all of the following:

NOTE: starting in 19-1, if you do not specify PMRA/PMDEC, we will automatically query the GAIA catalog and assign a best-guess proper motion to your source based on its position.

NOTE: Finding Charts will now be generated based on the target RA and DEC coordinates and DSS images. If you have exceptionally confusing field, faint targets or high proper motion targets please see the following page about Finding Charts

All of these documents should be submitted through hydra by logging in: here, clicking on the Program number assigned to you by your local TAC and then using the links next to the words: "Upload Phase II:"

You can get information about the telescope, instruments and calibrations in various locations in this web site. It is important to plan for extra time for overhead or special calibrations. Below we list some of the more important links you may need.

  1. Information for New Users
  2. Telescope Information
  3. Synoptic Targets
  4. Calibrations
  5. Phase II Management
  6. Observer Tips

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