TSL Parameter Keyword Table

AR Argon Lamps N 99 all undef {0..n}
AZRES Azimuth Restriction N 5 all undef {E,W,none,""}
BIAS # of Bias frames N 99 all undef {0..n}
CD Cadmium Lamps N 99 all undef {0..n}
COMMENT Comment String for this target N 30 all "" String
CRSPLIT Number of sub-exposures N 18 all 1 {1..n}
DARK Number of Dark frames N 99 all undef {0..n}
DEC Declination of target Y 7 all undef [+,-]dd:mm:ss[.s[s]]
EQUINOX Equinox of coordinates N 8 all 2000.0 1900.0 to 2000.0
EXP Exposure time in seconds Y 17 all undef Real
EXTRACALS Extra Calibrations N 99 all undef String or Quoted string1
FF Number of flat fields N 99 all undef {0..n}
FLUX Flux standard N 26 all N {Y,N,1,2,3,4}
GNAME Group Name N 24 all undef String
HG Mercury Lamps N 99 all undef {0..n}
INSTRUMENT Short name for Instrument N2 13 all undef {,LRS2-B,LRS2-R}
MAG V Magnitude of target Y 9 all undef Real
NE Neon Lamps N 99 all undef {0..n}
NOTES notes for all targets N 99 all "" Quoted string (quotes only necessary if spaces are used)
NUMEXP Number of Exposures N 18 all 1 {1..n}
NUMTODO Number in Group to Execute N 99 all 1 {1..n}
OBJECT Object Name Y 4 all undef String
OFFSETDEC Offset in Declination N 99 all undef Real [Arc seconds]
OFFSETRA Offset in Right Ascension N 99 all undef Real [Arc seconds]
PICHART PI Finding Chart N 0 all undef URL or multiple space-separated URLs in double quotes
PIPRI PI Priority N 99 all undef {1..n}
PRI Priority Y 11 all undef {0..4}
PROGRAM Program Number Y 3 all undef String
RA Right Ascension of target Y 6 all undef hh:mm:ss[.s[s]]
RV Radial Velocity Standard N 27 all N {Y,N,1,2,3,4,5}
SEEING Maximum Seeing N 14 all 2.0 Real
SKYBRIGHT Sky Brightness limit Y 15 all undef {18.0 to 21.0}
SKYCALS Sky Calibrations N 29 all N {Y,N}
SKYTRANS Sky transmission N 16 all S {P,S,N}
SNGOAL Signal to Noise Goal N 99 all undef Real
STATUS Object Status N 2 all "" {D,"",H}
STDCALS Standard Calibrations N 25 all Y {Y,N}
SYNDATE Synoptic Date restrictions N 23 all undef sYYYYMMDD[,sYYYYMMDD]
or gYYYYMMDD-YYYYMMDD where s is >, = or < and where g is > or =
SYNFREQ Synoptic Frequency N 22 all undef [RAND#-#, where #-# is an integer range such as 1-7]
TELL Telluric Standard N 28 all N {Y,N,GC1,GC0,GCboth}
THAR Thorium-Argon Lamps N 99 all undef {0..n}
TYPE Action Type - LRS2-B and LRS2-R N 99 LRS2-B
sci {sci,bias,dark,calff,calNe,
calHg,calCd, TBD}
VISITS Number of visits N 19 all 1 {1..n}
XE Xenon Lamps N 99 all undef {0..n}


1See TSL Parameter Descriptions.
2Either INSTRUMENT or INSTCONFIG must be declared, but not both.

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