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Observing Support web pages and software tools were reorganized for the 2008-2 trimester, and are all available at hydra.as.utexas.edu. Further questions can be submitted to the HET observations/science Google Group ( groups.google.com/g/het-obs-sci ) or emailed to astronomer-at-het.as.utexas.edu.

  • Help-Documentation
    Documentation can be accessed in the Help tab at the upper right of the Observing Support pages. If you would like to help us maintain our documentation, let us know if you find inaccurate or outdated information, or would like to see additions.

  • Accounts
    Observers can create an account by clicking Login at the Welcome page. After logging in, users can gain access to additional software tools, and information specific to their observing programs and activity.

  • Contact Information-Passwords
    Change your contact information or password by clicking on your username in the upper left above the Home tab. If you forget your password, the Send Password button on the Login page will mail a new password to the email address on record. You can change your password after logging in.

  • Persistent Tabs
    Software tools and information, including documentation, are located in tabs found along the top of the HETqueue interfaces. The link embedded in each tab is unique. It is persistent. It remembers your location within the tab. This was designed to facilitate work in numerous tabs, without having to re-navigate to the tool you were previously using. A return to Help using the Help tab link, after viewing this document for instance, returns you to this document.

    Persistent tabs do not apply to some forms, to prevent unintentional loss of data.

    Clicking the link of the persistent tab you are currently viewing can be a good way to refresh the data on the page. Be careful not to do this at a form containing data you have not yet entered.

    Logging out clears all persistent tabs.

  • Date and Time
    The date and time in the upper right refresh with each page load.

  • Logging out
    User sessions do not time out, but will usually last as long as your browser is open. To end your session, click log out in the upper left.

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The Telescope

Technical Overview

Object Observability


Non-sidereal observations



LRS2 Summary

LRS2 Details

LRS2 Fiber Layout and Position Angle

LRS2 Throughput

LRS2 Observing details


VIRUS - Summary

VIRUS - Setting up on targets

VIRUS - Misc details

VIRUS - Throughput and sensitivity

VIRUS - low surface brightness sensitivity

VIRUS - Dithers, IFUs, Tiling

VIRUS - Tiling observations

Habitable Zone Planet Finder (HPF)

HPF Details

HPF Setting up on targets

HPF Throughput and Exposure Meter

HPF Data Reductions

HRS-2 (in development)

HRS-2 Summary

HRS-2 Details

HRS-2 configurations

HRS-2 exposure meter

HRS-2 Position Angle and Fiber layout

HRS-2 Throughput

Old Instruments

HRS - old

LRS - old

MRS - old

Program Preparation

Web Management System