VIRUS Throughput Estimates

The following are estimates for the VIRUS line and continuum flux limits in a standard 3x360s dither set (18min of total exposure time).
  • HET Line flux limit of 8e-17 ergs/s/cm^2 above 4300AA at S/N=10 for point source.

  • Continuum flux limit g=23 AB in 100AA at S/N=50 (similar for u=23).

It is important for the PI to realize that due to the design of the HET the effective collecting area changes over a trajectory. Near the end of a trajectory the HET has half the collecting area that it has near the middle. As such two medium length visits centered on middle of a track could be more valuable than a single long visit.

All throughput estimates are based upon center of track efficiency.

Try our VIRUS Throughput Calculator.

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