Texas Share Phase I

The Texas Share Phase I is divided into 8 sections. Sections 1-3 are entered into the online form, Phase I Proposal Submission for Texas Share Observers (Phase I tab). Sections 4-8 are prepared as an attachment and uploaded into the form.

Phase I proposal sections are:

  1. Proposal Information
    • Title, PI, institution, e-mail, co-I(s), abstract
  2. Observing Request Summary
    • Time requested, priority allocation, visits, collaboration details, observational constraints including time critical and synoptic observations, sky transparency, seeing, and special calibrations
  3. Graduate Student Information
    • Graduate student details, if data will be applied toward dissertation work, including estimated PhD completion, and anticipated future HET time required
  4. Scientific Justification
    • The text portion of the justification must fit on one page. A second page can be added for references; a third page can be added for figures. All pages related to the science justification, including references, must conform to the standard 11pt font size and 1 inch margins (all sides).
  5. Description of Observations & Justification of Exposure Times
    • To furnish a description of the proposed observations, follow these template versions for the Object, Setup and Exposure tables.
  6. Availability of Tracks
    • Here you must indicate that you have used the web tool to check that there are an adequate number of tracks for each of your targets. This can be indicated in simple declarative statements. If your targets are distributed widely across the whole sky, such that limited number of tracks is not a problem, indicate that instead.
    • To check for celestial availability, consult the Object Observability web pages.
    • Describe and justify any special constraints on the observations.
    • This section is limited to 4.2 inches or about 23 lines of text.
  7. Description and Justification of Special Constraints
    • ex. "Visits must be separated by at least one week because..."
    • ex. "These objects must be observed with the moon down to avoid contamination by the scattered solar spectrum"
    • This section is limited to 4.35 inches or about 25 lines of text.
  8. Status of Data Acquired Under Previous HET Observing Proposals
    • The HET TAC has requested that each proposer present the status of the HET data acquired under previous proposals.
    • This section is limited to a single page. The format of this page is up to the PI.
  9. (Optional) Long-Term Status
    • Proposers who have projects suitable for long-term status should include a single page of justification here. The page is not to be used for extending the science justification of the proposal. The request must indicate why you need long-term status and what milestones you expect to achieve by the end of the 1 year period. You must also include details of the numbers of hours you need in the current and following 2 trimesters.

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