Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why has my target not been observed yet?

    This is usually attributable to one of four reasons:

    1. Your project is not very feasible. See Project Feasibility.
    2. Your priority is not high enough and other targets with higher priority are accessible at the same sidereal times as are yours. If your targets have priority 2, they tend to be observed more towards the middle of the trimester, and if your targets have priority 3, they tend to be observed more towards the end of the trimester.
    3. Your Phase II observing condition constraints are relatively severe and are not commonly attained. Take a look at a few night reports at roughly the UT time when your targets are accessible. Compare the observing conditions present with your Phase II specified conditions. You can review the observing constraints of any active target in the Program Statistics by clicking on that target.
    4. Your targets are competing for the same sidereal time slots with a large number of other equally high priority targets. You should check the Program Statistics and click on your active target to look for such conflicts, or if stumped send an inquiry to the RAs.

  • Why does my target have less S/N than I expected?

    There are several possible explanations:

    1. Did you use the latest S/N estimate? Make sure that you used the latest estimates and that the wavelength you use is the same as in the estimate.
    2. Did the conditions in the night report match what you requested in your Phase II or in your S/N estimate?
    3. Was the target observed near the center of the track? See the filling factor estimator or download a code, called checkfill, to check the filling factor in your actual observation.

    Last updated: Sun, 08 Jan 2012 18:47:41 -0600 caldwell

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