HET Filling Factor Fits Checker

To check to see if we observed your target in an optimal fashion, with respect to the position of the tracker above the mirror, you can down load 2 different codes to check the actual filling factor for the observed LRS or HRS science fits files. These codes use the same computational methods found in the filling factor estimator.

There are two versions of this same code. One is based solely on a stand alone C code but requires system calls to the WCS library. This library is fairly common but may not be installed on all systems. The second uses an IRAF front end instead of the WCS library to get the header information from the fits files.

checkfill C code .

checkfill C + IRAF codes .

If the WCS library is installed then the C code can be compiled with a simple "cc -lm checkfill.c -o checkfill" command. The code only accepts 1 fits file at a time but could be run as a batch by using a foreach command:

    foreach file (*.fits)
    foreach? ls $file >> masterlist
    foreach? checkfill $file >> masterlist
    foreach? end

If the WCS library is not installed and you wish to use the IRAF version of the code then you will have to add the following lines to your login.cl file:

    task $docheckfill = "$foreign"
    task checkfill=home$checkfill.cl

    compile the docheckfill.c code with "cc -lm docheckfill.c -o ~/bin/docheckfill"

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