Updating Your Target List as Needed

Here are a few tips for the program execution oversight phase, viz. Phase III:

  1. Editing of targets should now be done through the Phase III system in your Program tab when you login to http://hydra.as.utexas.edu.
  2. If you must remove an object from your Phase II list, mark it as junk (status=J). Permanent deletion from the queue database runs counter to HET practices.

  3. If you must make changes to your Phase II list after it has been submitted, try keeping them small and simple; if they must be extensive, submit a entire new Phase II target list and change your old target to deferred (status=D).

  4. Keep all target names unique including any later additions to your Phase II list. E.g. if you had a target called M67_S986, then replace it with one named M67_S986_2 or the like. Likewise for a MOS field, upon resubmission its name should feature some clear distinction from the target's previous name. However, as in Phase II, bear in mind that target names will be truncated at 18 characters.

  5. Avoid nomenclatures that obscure the relatedness between certain targets, like sky009 for execution after galposn016, or deepimage_a7 to precede taking target_b7, and so forth.

  6. Always check the status of your changes in Program Statistics. You can verify the observing constraints by clicking on an active target.

Last updated: Thu, 31 Jan 2013 14:56:48 -0600 shetrone

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