Finding the Right Calibration Files

It is fairly important that the PI not select test files or those used in the afternoon checkout of the instrument (with the dome lights on). All of these test files will have observation numbers above 1000. Good calibrations will have observation numbers less than 1000.

The night report should be your best resource for a given night to see what files are taken. For historic reasons the night report is given in civil date at the start of the night rather than UT date (civil + 1 day) and we apologize now for this confusion.

For old HET (pre-WFU) data

The calibrations are located in the calibration directory on the machine Each night is labeled by year, month and day as YYYYMMDD. You should first look at the night report and look for calibrations for your configuration. If you do not see them or if you are looking for a specific standard star then you could try using our Calibration Finder to generate a list of all of the calibrations taken in any given month.

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